Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Skyfall Opening Sequence Timeline

- Instantly shows main character falling in the water and sinking
- Fades away into another scene of Daniel Craig falling, followed by the main production company being Albert R. Broccoli's EON Productions LTD
- Whilst showing biggest investor main character is grabbed by someone and pulled down
- Then a pan out, followed by Daniel Craig's name on it's own in the middle of the screen, this tells the viewer that he is a main character in the film
- Adele signing the well known song made especially for the film
- Whilst the song is starting, the writer of 007 is shown on screen
- Whilst Bond is falling into the whole in the sand the name of the film is shown in big bold writing
- Then the other well known characters names are shown
- However they are placed around the screen and not in the middle, this tells me that they want the viewer to focus on the introduction as well as see the characters names
- Then another min characters name is shown, with Judy Dench coming up in the middle of the screen, this tells us that she is a main character
- After this the co-producers are shown in the right bottom corner
- Then there is a close up of Daniel Craig's eyes and nose
- This is then followed up by scenes like fire, graveyard and a women holding a gun
- After that there is then a chinese dragon theme,which links into the film
- Finally there are multiple transitions based on the film, like guns and women which are a main part to James Bond