Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Final Filming Location

Sparrows Den Woods

For our opening film sequence we have decided to film in Sparrows Den Woods. We decided on choosing these woods because we agreed that it is easy to access and very local for us all. We also liked  it because it gives us natural and isn't frequently used by the public and dogs. I think this location is good because I know them very well and know some good areas where we can film our opening sequence

Monday, 24 February 2014

Music for Opening Sequence

Whilst looking for music for our opening sequence we spent a lot of time and effort into choosing the right one. Hans Zimmer came up a lot, his music appealed to us a lot because it builds up tension and links to our opening sequence well. The piece we have chosen is from The Dark Knight Rises.


Risk Assessment

Film Company Production

I also like the Paramount intro because like wise it is very well known. As well as this it is very eye catching and looks professional. I wouldn't choose this because I prefer the 20th Century Fox intro.

Film Company Production

In our opening sequence we are going to include a world renown movie company to make it look more proffesional and classy. This will also make the viewer think that we have been funded by a major company. I would personally choose this opening one because it is big and bold and very well known.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Location Possibilites - Keston

Keston is another good local setting we could choose for our opening sequence, the only bad thing about this location would be that is is frequently used by the public, this wouldn't be good for our opening sequence because we want our setting to have no people around. Out of the three choices of locations I personally think that this is the worst, I think this because it is the most open location and there aren't many secluded areas within the woods.

Location Possibilities - West Wickham

West Wickham
This location is in West Wickham, I think this location would be good because it's local and easy to access, however  this location is not secluded enough for our opening sequence and frequently used by dog walkers and members of the public. I personally like this location because it is extremely local for me and i know a lot of good areas within the woods for filming. For me i would choose this location because i know the area like the back of my hand.

Character Analysis - Victim


Sam Wills - Victim
I will be the victim in our opening sequence, the victim has to act innocent and act like he has done nothing wrong. For our character he will be dressed formally to fit in modern day culture and be well spoken. We want our character to be acknowledged as a supposed nerd. He will wear a chinos with black leather shoes and wear a neat jumper with a shirt underneath.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Murderer Conventions

Murderer Plot

We have decided that our murderer will definitely be male, this fits the conventions of murderers films like The Dark Knight rises and American Pshysco. Males are better murderers because they are represented as stronger and more violent as women.
We also discussed the clothes the murderer will wear dark clothes to fit into their surroundings and look conventionally more powerful

Victim Conventions

 Victim Conventions

 For our victim we have to make sure they're vulnerable towards the viewers, this means we need to use our miss en scene carefully when deciding the props and costumes used. With our victim having neat and smart clothes, he will come across as innocent and vulnerable to the viewers.
When the victim is being hunted we're going to make sure there motions are frantic and contrasting those of the murderer, this would represent their panic in trying to escape. With these actions the murderer will ultimately look a lot more powerful than the victim which fits the conventions well.
With the victims pathway trying to escape being the red herring, this will provide a narrative for the viewers as they will attach themselves, making the death of the victim more thrilling as seemed.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Production Logo Idea

Our Production Logo

For our production logo, we are going to base it on this logo. I like this logo because it is plain and simple but draws the viewers eyes in. Catching peoples eyes is very important because it needs to stay in their head so they'll remember next time they see it. We will call our production company Open-Ended Productions. I like this name because it puts some suspicion into the viewers head.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Character Analysis - Murderer


Josh Hoare - Murderer
In our opening sequence Josh is the mysterious murderer, for this Josh will have to be dressed and act like a murderer. For costume, he will have to wear dark clothes and behave in a certain manor. In the films we've looked at the murderer always seems to be stern and have not much of a personality. The murderer will wear dark clothes to blend in to their surroundings and not be seen. A prime example of this is a black coat and trousers with possibly a hoddie over the top to cover their face, the clothes warn wont fit into the modern day culture, normally un-formal clothing is worn. Their character will have to be mysterious and suspicious to build up suspense for the viewers.