Tuesday, 18 March 2014


We have had our draft opening sequence shots reviewed and checked and we have concluded that it does not contain enough narrative. Therefore we will now add more narrative to the opening of our sequence and tell how the story all begins. 
We have discussed and raised points on what we could do for it and have decided to have Victor Merryweather just leaving the villains house. This will raise suspicion within the viewers and tell the rest of the opening sequence 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Opening Sequence

Whilst filming our opening sequence we decided to add another prop. The prop we decided to add was a phone. This will be used the victim (Victor Merryweather) and will be a distraction to anything going on around him. Whilst the victim is on the phone, the villain will quickly and quietly creep up on the oblivious victim and chase him. We think this has helped the plot and story because it gives the storyline a different edge and lets the victim be distracted.

Monday, 10 March 2014


On Thursday we had a very successful day filming our opening sequence. We all met on time at the location we agreed on, we were certainly a lot more organised than when we originally agreed to meet. Although we didn't have a confirmed location to film we instantly knew where we wanted to film our opening sequence. We chose quite a rural path to film, however there were many dog walkers around which delayed filming. Luckily it didn't delay us too much and we got all filming done on the day.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Filming Schedule

We arranged to meet on Tuesday the 4th March, however there was a problem with Josh getting to the location and I had to leave early for my football. This meant that we wouldn't of all got to the location until 5pm, which wouldn't of been long enough to film, seeming my football was at 6. We have now arranged to meet early after school on Thursday 6th March to film our opening sequence. We now know we are much better prepared and will now make sure to meet there and then.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Certain Camera Angles

Close Up
For our two characters in our opening sequence we need to make we have many close ups of their faces. We have to do this so the viewer knows the feelings going through their head.

I think these are very important for  our opening sequence because they determine the viewers perspective on our emotions during the opening sequence. A close up of a person emphasises their emotional state, whereas a mid-shot and long-shot is more to give information and to deliver facts. A close exaggerates facial expression and conveys emotion. Therefore the viewer is drawn into the subjects personal space and shares their feelings.

Importance Of Trailer

We are doing our opening sequence to inform the viewer what our film is about. The point of it is to give the viewer a rough idea of what the film is about and entice them into our plot and storyline. This means we will have to include tension and make the film exciting to keep the viewer intrigued and interested, we will do this by using certain camera angles like tracking and close ups and use appropriate music to fit the genre of film it's going to be. All these kind of things are key to making our opening sequence a success. Ultimately the opening sequence decides whether or not the viewer is going to want to watch the film or not so really it's a vital part of production.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Camera Shots

Tracking Shot
During our opening sequence, we are going to make sure we use this camera angle. We are doing this because this camera shot is prefect for our chase scene where we both will be running. We are also going to ensure that we get enough of a shot because our opening sequence will be mainly the chase scene so it's vital to do so.

Close Up
This camera shot will also be used in our opening sequence. We have chosen to use a close up because we want the viewers to see the e,option of the person running and the different feelings that are being experienced during the chase. I think this shot is as key to our opening sequence because they both show a lot of emotion and get the viewer to experience what the 2 actors are experiencing.